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Step 1: 'In-Liven' Your Health

Do you suffer from any of the following?

• Allergies and/or food sensitivities

• Difficulty losing weight, sugar/carbohydrate craving

• Frequent fatigue, poor concentration

• Frequent constipation or diarrhea

• Faulty digestion, acid reflux and other gut disorders

• Sleeping poorly, night sweats

• Painful joint inflammation, stiffness

• Bad breath, gum disease and dental problems

• Frequent colds, flu or infections

• Chronic yeast problems

• Acne, eczema skin and foot fungus

• Extreme menstrual or menopausal symptoms

Then your body may be showing signs of BACTERIAL IMBALANCE.

Find out what destroys the 'good' bacteria, how to balance them and in the process, how you can help your body GET RELIEF FROM these and other issues, increase nutrient absorption, get saturated with good, organic nutrition as well as increase vitality and well-being.

Listen to this AMAZINGLY INFORMATIVE AUDIO online here:

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FYI: Once you are in the free Customer Lifestyle Member Program, your daily equivalent of 26 living certified organic wholefoods and full-spectrum probiotics costs less than $2 a day! What is your health and longevity worth to you?

Step 2: Soothe & Strengthen Your Immune System.

Our bodies' immune systems are constantly on alert for foreign substances and bodily threats (or perceived threats) and roam our bodies looking for abnormal cell growth and other oddities or injuries, so they can 'fight back' and defeat intruders or repair injury quickly. When our immune systems are in high-gear too much of the time (for example, caused by constant stress), that can negatively impact our health, both short and long-term. One way to soothe the system is by getting plenty of antioxidants and their wholefoods nutrition, to reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

What are Free Radicals?

Regular bodily processes such as breathing create what are known as 'free radicals'. These are also created due to exposure to pollution, radiation, pesticides and all the synthetic chemicals we encounter every day, poor food choices and cigarette smoke. Experts call this process 'oxidative stress'. It simply means the oxygen molecules that now have only 1 electron instead of 2 are starting to go about the cell and look for another electron -- this process starts to degrade the cell and damage it. If caught soon enough, the cell can be repaired; otherwise, it is too late and the cell dies (Dr. Karen Coates, 2008).

Free radicals are believed to accelerate the progression of cancer, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue and age-related diseases.

One of the best things you can do for your health is to help soothe oxidative stress and repair and regenerate cells by consuming, and using topically, what are known as 'ANTI-OXIDANTS'. These are found in plants, berries, fruit, vegetables, etc. There are a wide variety of anti-oxidants found naturally in these plant-based foods. 

How can you be sure you are getting enough anti-oxidants to impact health & longevity?

Holistic health practitioners advocate pure raw, wholefoods (certified

organic and/or wild harvested) nutritional supplements.

The Anti-Oxidant Superfood that I use and recommend has all the qualities to look for in a good nutritional:

* Wholefoods, raw and certified organic product;

* High ORAC units per serving (this one has over 5000 ORAC units; nutritionists

recommend at least 5000 to impact health and longevity);

* Contains a wide spectrum of anti-oxidants, such as hydroxytyrosol, zeaxanthin,

alpha and beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, anthocyanin, cryptoxanthin,

xanthophyll, epicatechin, quercetin, punicalagins and ellagic, chlorogenic, gallic,

ferulic and caffeic acids, for example.

* Fresh, preservative-free formula -- best option is fresh, raw concentrated dry or

freeze-dried powder form. I suggest staying away from pasteurization that can

destroy the natural enzymes and questionable preservatives that are not allowed in

certified organic food.

Please watch the video at the link below to check out the Ingredients and FAQs to learn more.

FYI: Once you are in the free Customer Loyalty Program, your daily equivalent of 12 servings of certified organic fruits and vegetables will cost less than $2 a day! What is your health and longevity worth to you? 

Step 3: Become an Ingredient Detective.

Did you know manufacturers of personal care and cosmetics are allowed to put almost any ingredient in their products?    Many ingredients are not even required to be listed on products and some carcinogenic contents are created as a by-product of manufacturing!

Most synthetic chemicals used in personal and household products have not been tested for safety in humans, nor in combination with other chemicals used on a daily basis. Just think of all the hormone-disrupters, nervous system toxicants, developmental toxins, carcinogens, irritants, allergens and more found in everything from toothpaste, moisturizers and soaps to shaving gel and dishwashing liquid. Not to mention products designed for use on babies and children!!

Find out what is lurking in your bath & body care products, cosmetics, hair, shaving, oral care, household cleaners and more...

The Toxic Ingredient Dictionary is VERY revealing!

Let's make a change for our own health and the environment. Check out the link above and then...

Step 4: Switch to Pure Food-Grade Certified Organics Every Day!

Looking for a way to avoid all these chemicals and nourish yourself instead? Want to do your part to reduce the toxic load in yourself and on the planet?

Then choose certified organics!!

So, here is what to look for in certified organic products for the health of people and planet:

* Certified organic to food-grade standards.

Complete list of ingredients clearly and easily

available. Certified organic manufacturing facility.

* Formulated using cold-processing so heat is never

applied to ingredients or finished products.

This allows

100% bio-available nutrition to literally feed skin, hair and body.

* First ingredient or base is generally not water. For example, the majority of

products I use have organic aloe vera as the first ingredient -- a nourishing,

hydrating, soothing and regenerating plant with exceptional qualities.

* If water is used, make sure it is goes through a thorough filtering &

purifying process.

* Use of Green Chemistry principles and food-based ingredients, for example with

cleaning or dishwashing products.

* Company initiatives for sustainability, such as carbon-negative, recycling, wind,

solar or other sustainable energy use, biodegradable and/or recyclable products and

packaging, planting trees, etc. **This company is Carbon-Negative, Earth Positive,

and Certified Green Biz at the Gold Level!

The wonderful, cold-processed and nutritious products I have been using and recommending for over 9 and 1/2 years are food-grade certified organic to the highest international and USDA standards. 

You can see them all here at:

Ask me for a free catalog and/or phone consultation to get you (and your family) started!

Contact and/or send questions to me on the Contact & About Us Page.

p.s. As a SPECIAL BONUS, you will receive 4 brief e-bulletins on these and other steps you can follow to put you on the path to better health.     

Probiotic Superfoods: Exciting News for Healthy Living

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you'll discover:

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2. Warning Signs of Bacterial Imbalance

3. How Probiotic Superfood In-Liven May Help

4. Complete Ingredient List and Details