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Probiotic Superfoods, 2nd Edition Audio, 2010.

The 2nd Edition CD Audio on Probiotic Superfoods is Now Uploaded below. Or, request a free copy by regular mail. Also, request the one-page recipe sheet - The Easy Way to Wellness. Thanks and enjoy listening to these incredibly informative audios!

Intro. to the new Audio on Probiotic Superfoods.

Health Statistics, updated.

Who Do you Trust?

Three Types of Diseases

In-Liven and Fast-Tract

Organic Certification

Bacterial Kingdom

Fermentation and Predigestion


How to Use

Closing Remarks

Labeling Details from In-Liven

"This product is manufactured via a multi-stage organic fermentation process using a mixed population of naturally occurring Lactobacillus bacteria and yeast. The fermentation "pre-digests" the complex food & energy sources, maximizing the availability of nutrients and its energy value into an easy absorbed and utilized nutrient source. The organisms used in the fermentation may include:

lactobacillus acidophilus

bifidus (Bifidobacterium bifidum)

lactobacillus casei

lactobacillus helveticus

lactobacillus bulgaricus

lactobacillus leichmannii

lactobacillus caucasicus

lactobacillus lactis

lactobacillus fermenti

lactobacillus brevis

lactobacillus plantarum

lactobacillus delbreuki

bacillus coagulans


Saccharomyces boulardii

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

This process provides for successive fermentation such that competition effects contribute to selection of a dominant species, ensuring high numbers of active, viable lactic acid bacteria are present, which is supported by laboratory test reports for each batch."

Directions: 1 to 3 teaspoons daily, easily dissolves into room temperature or cool water, may add 1/4 cup organic fruit or vegetable juice or blend with smoothies, juicing drinks, apple sauce, etc. Takes on the flavor of what you mix it in.

INGREDIENTS: A Certified Organic Product.

In addition to the full spectrum of Lactobaccillus Bacteria and Symbiotic Yeasts (the kind that are good for you!) that pre-digest (ferment) the living raw wholefoods, this product contains 26 living whole foods:

*Organic Spirulina, *Organic Rolled Oats, *Organic Brown Rice, *Organic Wheat, *Organic Barley, *Organic Linseed, *Organic Chick Peas, *Organic Mung Beans, *Organic Adzuki Beans, *Organic Red Lentils, *Organic Wheat Grass, *Organic Barley Grass, *Organic Alfalfa Grass, Kidney Beans, *Organic Beetroot, *Organic Sweet Potato, *Organic String Beans, *Organic Zucchini, *Organic Cabbage, *Organic Silverbeet, *Organic Spinach, *Organic Chinese Cabbage, *Organic Asparagus, *Organic Broccoli, Bacillus Coagulans, Malt Liquid, *Organic Molasses. *Certified Organic Ingredient.

Watch Narelle Chenery, Founder and Director of Research & Development, ONEgroup, talk about In-Liven Probiotic Superfoods, Berry Radical Antioxidant Superfood and Deep Greens Alkalinizing Superfoods in this brief 10 minute video.

Available online at

Orders may also be placed with me by phone, e-mail or fax. Please click on About & Contact Us for contact details. The 3-pack is the best value. Once you order online, you can get 20% from your first order!. Ask me for details on how to Save Green Buying Green and Healthy!

Probiotic Superfoods: Exciting News for Healthy Living

Learn more about Probiotics in this article:

Check Out the Brochure Here:

In-Liven Brochure and Ingredients

In this brochure and the audios,

you'll discover:

1. What Destroys the Body's 'Good' Bacteria

2. Warning Signs of Bacterial Imbalance

3. How Probiotic Superfood In-Liven May Help

4. Complete Ingredient List and Details