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Find out how you can give your body what it needs and wants!

Below is the Audio CD on Probiotics and Probiotic Superfoods...

This is incredibly informative and well worth the listen! Every time I listen, I learn something new.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

If you prefer a CD version to be mailed to you, please request that on the About & Contact Us page. The 2nd Edition CD is available now both on this site and by regular mail. Thank you.

Section 2: The Silent War

Section 3: Children and Disease Statistics - Fascinating!

Section 4: Risks of Sugar and Milk

Section 5: Medicine Your Backstop

Section 6: Causes of Current Disease

Section 7: Pharmaceuticals

Section 8: Food Choices, GMO

Section 9: Definition of Real Nutrition

Section 10: Restoring Your Wellness

Section 11: In-Liven Your Nutrition

Section 12: Bacteria - The Missing Link!

Section 13: Journey of In-Liven in Your Body

Section 14: Elimination and Bacteria

Section 15: Certified Organic Integrity

Section 16: Lactic Acid and Enzymes

(Section 17 is a short music break so I have not included it here.)

Section 18: Bacteria Counts

Section 19: In-Liven - How to Eat / Drink

Section 20: Your Immunity

Section 21: Food Allergies

Section 22: Eating Experiences

Section 23: Pregnancy & Lactation

Section 24: Your Pets

Section 25: Natural Healing Response

Actually Section 1 on the CD - this part provides background on the person interviewed in the above audio. I think it goes best after listening to the interview.

Again, if you prefer the 2nd updated edition of the CD to be mailed to you, please request that on the About & Contact Us page or contacting me directly at the details below. Thank you.

To order the probiotic superfoods talked about in this audio, please visit my website at: under Health Care.

Check out Value Packs and Specials sections for greater savings. ...And don't forget about our Customer Loyalty Program or Wholesale Buying Club for even more savings! Please contact me for details on those programs or with any questions.

If you have food allergies or sensitivities, have taken anti-biotics or pharmaceutical products or have any health issues or digestive related issues, please email or call so I can guide you on recommendations for how and where to begin your 90 day program.

Thank you!

Ronit at 301-928-0212 or toll-free: 1-877-465-4836

[email protected]

Probiotic Superfoods: Exciting News for Healthy Living

Learn more about Probiotics in this article:

Check Out the Brochure Here:

In-Liven Brochure and Ingredients

In this brochure and the audios,

you'll discover:

1. What Destroys the Body's 'Good' Bacteria

2. Warning Signs of Bacterial Imbalance

3. How Probiotic Superfood In-Liven May Help

4. Complete Ingredient List and Details